Medicaid Home Help Program.

Medicaid Home Help Program

Home Help Services is a program administered by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). The program provides funding for qualified individuals to hire someone to assist them with their daily activities. It is designed to support individuals who wish to live independently in their home rather than live in an adult foster care home, home for the aged or nursing facility.

Assistance is available for individuals who need help with daily activities and meet eligibility requirements. To receive Home Help services, a person must be eligible for Medicaid and require physical assistance with at least one activity of daily living.

Available Services Home Help Services may pay for the following activities of daily living:

• Eating or feeding • Bathing • Dressing • Grooming • Moving throughout the home • Transferring from one position to another• Using the toilet

If you qualify for the program, you may also receive assistance with the following:

• Administering or setting up medicine • Laundry • Light housework • Meal preparation/clean up • Shopping for essential items

Complex Care - Expanded home help services can be authorized for individuals who have severe functional limitations which require such extensive care 

• Eating or feeding assistance • Catheters or leg bags • Colostomy care • Bowel program • Suctioning• Specialized skincare • Range of motion exercises • Dialysis (In-home) • Wound care • Respiratory treatment • Ventilators • Injections

Services Not Covered The following services are not covered by Home Help:​

• Heavy housework • Home repairs • Prompting or reminding someone to complete a task • Supervision • Transportation • Yard work​

This program is available for Medicaid recipients in Michigan only, individuals with a trusted caregiver, or individuals who need a caregiver assigned to them from the agency.


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