Medicare & Private Insurance


Best Choice Senior Services, Inc does not bill Medicare or other insurance companies directly. We are working on becoming a Medicare  and private Insurance provider by year 2020. 


By following these steps you may be able to receive up to 80% reimbursement on certain products. Please note that these guidelines apply generally but do not constitute a guarantee of reimbursement approval. For exact eligibility information please contact Medicare or your insurance provider directly.


In cases of eligibility, to secure reimbursement you will need to submit a doctor’s prescription for the item ordered; proof of delivery, such as a packing slip or shipping receipt; and, in some cases (for Medicare reimbursements). Form: CMS 1490S


Eligible products for reimbursement
Medicare eligibility requirements vary from product to product. Therefore, please read the guidelines below to determine whether your specific product qualifies for Medicare reimbursement. For other insurance providers, please contact the company directly to ascertain their policy for each item.