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SoClean® is a registered trademark owned by SoClean, Inc. LifeFone® is a registered trademark owned by LifeFone, Inc. Mom's Meals® is a registered trademark owned by Mom's Meals, Dr. Comfort® is a registered trademark of Dr. Comfort,. Silvert's ® is a registered trademark owned by Silvert's Holdings Ltd. SlumberBUMP™ is a registered trademark owned by SlumberBUMP™. Good Morning Snore Solution is a registered trademark owned by Good Morning Snore Solution.

 Any reference to any vendor, service, or product by trade name, trademark, or otherwise does not constitute or imply the endorsement or recommendation of Best Choice Senior Services, Inc.  All information contained on this site, including pricing and reimbursement information, is for client purchase information only, is subject to change with or without notice, and does not include any distributor or wholesaler markup.  Best Choice Senior Services, Inc is not responsible for claims made by any vendors or the use of any of their products or services.



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