Make the Most of Medicare

An easy guide to getting more from your benefits

When you become eligible for Medicare, it makes sense to choose a health plan that’s a good fit for you, in both coverage and cost. But Medicare can be confusing, which makes it hard to compare options and make a sound decision. This booklet will help you better understand Medicare, and assess your own health care needs and choose the best Medicare plan for you. Staying in the same plan year after year might be costing you more than you realize. Because your health needs and budget change over time, it makes sense to revisit your Medicare plan benefits and costs each year.

How Medicare works

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for eligible adults 65 and older and those under 65 with a medical disability who qualify. Medicare has four parts — Part A, Part B, Part D and Part C. There’s also Medicare supplement insurance, known as gap insurance or Medigap. It helps cover the gaps in your Medicare coverage as well as your share of the costs for Medicare services. C Each part helps pay for different health care costs. Part C is unique because it combines the coverage of the other parts of Medicare. The icons will help you understand how Medicare works. There are two ways to receive your Medicare coverage: Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) or a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C).

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