Why does lowering prescription drug prices matter to you?

Best Choice Senior Services was doing some research at www.aarp.org and we came across this "SHARE YOUR RX STORY" When you share your story, you’ll remind our elected leaders that Americans are making impossible choices and going to extraordinary lengths just to get the prescriptions they need.


Why does lowering prescription drug prices matter to you?

Government is broken while drug companies are making billions in profits off seniors and hard- working Americans.

Congress needs to work together to pass legislation to lower prescription drug prices now. Together with the power of AARP’s advocates, your voice will ensure our leaders act to protect all Americans from these rising costs.

Source: https://action.aarp.org/site/SPageNavigator/Advocacy/032019_ShareYourRXStory.html?_ga=2.48465634.574170038.1557763299-580880012.1557763299

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